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  2. Hi Simon,

    Interested in the Royce and Esterly Pot and wondering what price you are looking for it.

    Thanks David

  3. Hi Greg , picked this up and was going to have lid restored, but have had a change of mind. Any interest in it ? pot is perfect with original label on base , Simon.HAGAN 1.jpgHAGAN BASE.jpgHAGAN 2.jpg

  4. thanks for sharing these lids a number of London lids I've not seen before and will be on the lookout if come up for sale keep posting images thanks 


  5. Morning my fellow collecter , have been meaning tonmake contact since you posted some photos ofvyour collection My name is Allan Truman and i collect pratt jars, i see you have Trylosse Village seen jar one of the handful of jars still chasing , if you have any desisre to sell i am keen 

    1. felixp25


      Hi Allan  sorry not thinking of parting with any jars at the moment trying to add to them to be honest . Regards Tim

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