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  1. Hi Simon just curious to no if Maori Cheif lid cleaned up at all

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    2. Daggeruk


      Is the Little's lid yours ? are you interested in selling or trading . Are you getting the hairline in the Gilbert lid restored ?

    3. prattman


      Sorry lids are not mine have been professinial cleaning charging $40/ $50  per item using a mixture of peroxides and other non aggressive products , Gilbert has a hairline crack no repairs you cant use peroxide on anything repeared it just roots  it , rust takes up to 3/4 weeks to remove were the Challes Satoon jar above was transformed in 7 days , Mayer lids , jars seem to clean the best but also getting good at cleaning out cracks of ginger beers bottles

    4. Daggeruk


      Nice job on cleaning , they all look great.